Multiple Call Requests (Single Form) with Country PullDown

Enter your number and click the button to have the relevant person call you.

Person to call: Anybody
Steve McCarthy
Guy Jazynka
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Notes [delete before using]

This call form page uses a set of radio buttons as the SubGroup field, which specifies which of the allocated lines should receive a WebCallback call.  Again we assume an all-encompassing subgroup named any has been specified to allow any line to be called.

A further refinement with this form is the use of a pulldown to specify a list of acceptable destination country codes.  This is a convenience for the user, and can be applied anywhere you wish to limit the countries from which you receive calls.  You can go one further and generate the list of country codes from a database or text file if you want -- this technique is used in GlobalPhone's web site.

Because the form allows the user to select the subgroup value, the form can trigger a call to any of the defined subgroups.  Remember, though, that a subgroup can have several lines allocated to it, so subgroups can be used to specify calls to individuals (with precisely one number each) or groups like departments (where several numbers might be allocated to a single department).

This technique is well suited to a situation where the user requires a central point to trigger a WebCallback, and wishes to select who to speak to before triggering the call.  See other examples where a form is to be used to call a single destination.